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AP 321

Student Parking


The purpose of this procedure is to provide direction for students in the Abbotsford School District who wish to park at school, and to outline the responsibilities of students and staff. Staff should ensure distribution of the form complies with Canada’s Anti-Spam Law.


1. Students wishing to park on school property must sign the parking request form, pay the appropriate fees if required, and obey the school’s parking rules as provided for in AP 331 – Drugs and Controlled Substance Abuse and AP 332 – Search and Seizure. Drug sniffing dogs may be used in the student parking lot.

2. Parking Request Forms

2.1 Each school will complete the standard form, AP 321-1 Student Parking Request Form with the school name, fees, and special instructions before providing the form to students. Every student who wishes to park on school property must fill out this customized form. The parking pass is then valid only in the vehicle specified on the form and is not transferable to another student. If the student wishes to change vehicles, the school office must be informed.

2.2 Schools will publish parking lot rules in Student Handbooks and will review the rules annually with students.

2.3 Each school has the right to enforce their parking regulations and may:
• Revoke parking privileges
• Tow vehicles
• Use vehicle disabling devices (e.g. parking boots)
• Use drug-sniffing dogs to search student parking areas


AP 321-1 Student Parking Request Form


AP 331 – Drugs and Controlled Substance Abuse

AP 332 – Search and Seizure

(Last Revised: June 2014)


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