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Air Quality Advisory

As you are no doubt aware, our region currently has an air quality advisory in effect due to wildfire smoke from active fires in Washington and Oregon. Our school district has been closely monitoring the situation. We have been in consultation with the Ministry of Education and our local Medical Health Officer to ensure that our schools continue to be safe environments for our staff and students.

At the advice of our local Medical Health Officer, our schools will limit smoke exposure for staff and students by: 

  • Allowing students who are sensitive to the smoke to remain indoors during lunch/breaks;
  • Closing exterior doors and windows;
  • Rescheduling outdoor activities, particularly strenuous activities like PE;
  • Closely monitor students with asthma or other breathing conditions; and
  • Closing doors and windows and utilizing filtered ventilation systems during the health warning.

Our schools will continue implementing several layers of protective COVID-19 infection control practices, including:

  • daily health checks;
  • hand hygiene;
  • learning groups/cohorts;
  • respiratory etiquette; and
  • physical distancing (where possible).

Current until: Wednesday, September 16th, 2020
Posted: Sunday, September 13th, 2020